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Mini-Quantum Full Carbon Fiber
Mini Quantum Full Carbon fiber
Why use a rebreather ?
  • Safer
  • Air Efficient
    Better air breathing (Nitrox)
  • Much greater bottom time
  • Silent !
   No Bubbles - no noise - no trouble
   So fish feel more comfortable around you
   Good for pictures, videos or biologists
  • Deeper and longer
  • Comfortable for you
   You breath a moist and warmer mixture
  • Decompression efficiency
   Reduce d├ęco time by 80%
Carbon fibre ? Why ?
  • Stronger then steel and aluminium
  • Excellent strenght to weight ratio !
  • High rigidity
  • High resistance
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • No corrosion
  • Superior resistance to deterioration
  • A unique and distinct appearance
Carbon Fiber Tank
Submatix US
Mini Quantum Full Carbon Rebreather

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Our philosophy :
Exclusive Submatix Mini-Quantum carbon fibre EMCCR range products that are reliable and easy to handle, German quality made for the USA

Exclusive to the united states...
Customize your Submatix rebreather !
For your Mini-Quantum rebreather to become unique in the world !
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